Park4SUMP-EPA-POLIS webinar

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A new webinar series is born from a cooperation between the POLIS Network and the European Parking Association (EPA). The series will showcase several European cities, who will share their experiences with on-street and kerbside vehicle management.

Park4SUMP invites you to watch the recording of the event here.

This first event will kick off a series of three webinars focusing on several aspects of urban parking, including technological advancements and the adaption of off-street parking activities to new mobility services.

Parking space management (fees, controls, regulations and services) is an important link enabling the modal split variation between individual to public transportation or new mobility schemes, such as EVs, as well as loading and unloading bays.

From Lisbon to Oxford, cities discuss parking solutions for cars and delivery vans, as well as the setup of EV charging services, including the respective regulations and controls. Additionally, topics such as environmental access management, permits, fines, seamless payment systems will be highlighted by a handful of large and medium-sized European cities. 

If are interested in further information, please consult the agenda below or read additional information on the event page.


  • 11.00     Opening & Welcome – Laurence Bannerman, President EPA
  • 11.05     The City of Lisbon – “MOVE LISBOA – strategic visions for mobility 2030:
  • 11.20     The City of Barcelona – A brief integrated vehicle management overview and a new Last Mile Strategic Approach
  • 11.35     The City of Milan – The centralised mobility platform managing and implementing integrated parking services supporting mobility strategies
  • 11.50     Questions and Answers
  • 12.00     The City of Oxford – Oxfordshire County Council in Collaboration with the National Parking Platform
  • 12.15     The City of Colchester – The Park Active Project encouraging inner city last mile active  travel for citizens
  • 12.30     City of Krakow – "Parking policies enabling new mobility solutions – results and acceptance
  • 12.45     Questions and Discussions
  • 13.00     Closing of the Webinar