Technical innovation

smart phone app in car

There is a large amount of continuous technological innovation which affects parking management  today, and will no doubt affect parking in the future – in ways that can not yet always be foreseen. Park4SUMP will monitor such developments and dedicates a theme cluster for technological and digital  innovation in parking.

A few examples
on what will be monitored and assessed:

  • ICT enabling innovative parking management (smart parking also to reduce park search traffic and smart enforcement) , thus creating a market opportunity for data mining and parking equipment companies
  • Digitally measuring emissions for adapted parking charging
  • E-mobility parking (charging infrastructure and priorisation)
  • Parking for driverless cars including automated valet parking
  • Parking guidance systems including on street detector and guidance systems
  • Automated enforcement (e.g. with scan cars or similar automated pay and monitoring systems)
  • Automated and remote management of parking garages

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