Using revenues to finance sustainable urban mobility

Use of revenues

The strategic objective of the successful predecessor project Push&Pull was to improve mobility through combining parking management with mobility management. Park4SUMP will emulate this approach. By introducing paid parking, increasing fees or improving the managed parking space, income from parking will rise, while drivers will be pushed to more sustainable transport. The earnings from parking will (at least partly) be earmarked and used for improving and promoting alternatives, thus pulling users towards active mobility options, public transport or Bike and Ride (B&R) and Park and Ride (P&R).

In cities where such an approach might be politically difficult the approach will be modified so that the revenues can be given to the affected city districts. Stakeholders in these districts can decide which measure the money should be used for (this can be sustainable transport measures but it could also be the building of a park or of playgrounds or other measures directly benefiting the social impact in the district). This will help to get citizen- and business support for paid parking.

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