New guide published by ITDP addressing post-COVID parking challenges

ITDP Parking Guide

Parking policy and the search for appropriate solutions to cope with the trend of rapid motorization is a global problem. Thus, the Institute for Transport & Development Policy recently published an on-street parking pricing guide, which focuses on management, enforcement and evaluation. You can access the document here.

The awakening from the COVID-induced deep sleep created a change in the approach towards parking and public space management. Cafés and restaurants extended their terraces onto the curbsite parking areas in inner cities across Europe and around the world. This shift enabled citizens to experience their cities in a different way, which encouraged local administrations to take actions to address these parking management issues.

In order to support cities with these efforts, ITDP developed a comprehensive guide for implementation of measures related to parking management, communication, enforcement and system evaluation. This information is supported by several case studies from large metropolises around the globe, including Madrid, Moscow and Mexico city.