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The project aims to help partners cities to:

  • Integrate parking management into their (future) SUMP
  • Free an average of 10% of public space currently used for parking by means of participatory planning
  • Invest at least 10% of parking revenues into sustainable transport, active modes such as walking and cycling and develop a more human-centred neighbourhoods.

Park4SUMP aims at stimulating further innovation in parking management and turning parking policies from being reactive and operational as today to become more strategic, effective and holistic.

14 national governments will increase their knowledge of how their state’s legislation on parking facilitates and hinders the use of effective parking management by cities in that state

300 external follower cities will benefit from capacity building and exploitation of results to improve integration of parking & SUMP policies. 

The project will also:

  • Raise awareness and gaining acceptance among relevant stakeholders on how the ‘right parking’ policies can help cities
  • Building capacity, particularly among cities that have difficulty in picking up such policies (peer-to-peer)
  • Stimulating further innovation in parking management
  • Achieving wide roll-out and transferability
  • Delivering behaviour change whilst generating revenues

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