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Park4SUMP indentifies 7 measure clusters

Parking management measures are not alone standing. In practice, measures can support or undermine each other.  However - when we work on barriers and opportunities - integrated parking management can serve different sustainable mobility objectives.

Parking management implementation activities will be developed and carried out under seven main topic areas

These have been selected due to their fundamental importance to parking management as an effective tool of sustainable urban mobility planning. 

  1. Extend General Parking Management
  2. The (earmarked) use of revenues to finance sustainable urban (mobility) measures
  3. Standards / modifying minimum requirements and introducing maximum allowances
  4. Enhancing enforcement
  5. Integration into SUMP
  6. Technological Innovation
  7. Accompanying measures & Living labs in neighbourhoods

Brief understanding of the clusters

The extension of parking management is key if more car travellers are to be influenced by priced and/or time and space limited parking.
Enforcement is vital for parking management functioning; standards for parking in new developments can have a big influence on future parking availability and car ownership.
Technological innovation lead to more effective parking management at lower cost.
Earmarking revenues should become a logical cost-benefit element for integration into SUMP. 
Accompanying – push & pull - measures can be supportive to behaviour shift.  

What will Park4SUMP demonstrate?

Park4SUMP cities will target ànd tailor the implementation of a measure mix to their context: taking into account previous analysis, ParkPAD audit  and (peer-to-peer & expert supported) capacity building processes.  Overall, there will be a strong emphasis on bringing new insights into the practical transferability of innovative solutions/approaches.

Finally, Park4SUMP demonstrator cities will help to achieve widespread roll-out and transferability by showcasing best practice in parking management and SUMP-integration, and through raising awareness and interest about Park4SUMP strategies in external follower cities. 

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