PUSH&PULL Case Studies / Good Practise implementations

Based upon the needs of the PUSH&PULL implementation Cities and sites a collection of good practice parking measures is provided here. The main criteria for the selection of these measures are 

  • Easy to implement
  • Highly effective and efficient
  • High acceptance

This collection contains measures on the City level but also on Site level (workplace / Universities / hospitals) or on National level. The structure of the description includes objectives, steps of implementations, potential barriers and how they have been overcome, costs and impacts.

Download single measures descriptions below or the whole catalogue.

CS01_Parking management at the Hospital in Freiburg

CS02_Nottingham Work Place Levy

CS03_Experience on UK workplaces parking management

CS04_Parking lot concept Phoenix West in the context of the mobility management of Dortmund

CS05_Parking management at Technical University Graz

CS06_Parking management Vienna

CS07_Parking Supply Cap in Zurich

CS08_Trip Contingent Modell from SihlCity in Zurich

CS09_Extension of controlled on-street parking in Edinburgh – study of the impacts in one sub-area

CS10_Parking management in Graz

CS11_On-street parking enforcement with digital parking permits in Utrecht

CS12_On-street parking enforcement and management through a sensor system in Treviso

CS13_Free Metroshuttle financed by a ring-fenced parking reserve in Manchester

CS14_A modern tram network as the key element of an urban development and mobility strategy in Strasbourg

CS15_National maximum parking standards as part of national government planning guidance to local authorities

CS16_ Parking Policy and PT Vitoria-Gasteiz

CS17_New access restrictions and parking management schemes in Krakow

CS18_Mobility Company City of Ghent as a merger of two former units (Parking Company and Mobility Department)

CS19_The Master Plan 1990-2000 and the role of parking in Maastricht

CS20_Extended pedestrian areas and renewed piazzas in Torino

CS21_The role of parking management in restructuring the downtown area in Lyon

CS22_Urban renewal and the rational use of parking spaces in Barcelona

CS23_Extension of controlled parking zones in Ljubljana

CS24_The Amsterdam mobility und

Use of revenues - The PUSH&PULL Core Funding Mechanism

Brochure on 16 good reasons for parking management

Complete Brochure (PDF)

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Extended versions of selected arguments of good reasons for parking management

  • 1 - PM is key to managing urban mobility - EN
  • 4 - PM leads to less park search traffic - EN
  • 8 - PM will not kill your high street - it will support the local economy - EN
  • 10 - PM won't stop companies investing in your city - EN
  • 14 - Parking standards can have a positive impact on housing and other real estate projects - EN

PUSH&PULL City Fact Sheets

  • Parking Policy and the implementation of the core funding mechanism in:
    • Gent, Belgium PDF: EN -- NL
    • Kraków, Poland PDF: EN -- PL
    • Bacău, Romania PDF: EN -- RO
    • Iași, Romania PDF: EN -- RO
    • Ljubljana, Slovenia PDF: EN -- SI
    • Tarragona, Spain PDF: EN -- ES
    • Örebro, Sweden PDF: EN -- SE
    • Nottingham, UK PDF: EN