New Park4SUMP e-course helps stakeholders to enhance local parking management

Screnshot E-course

The recently published e-course, which focuses on parking management, enforcement and the debunking of myths around parking, is available here.

Even though Park4SUMP has already held 22 trainings, published several brochures and other online content, we are still aiming to diversify our content to support stakeholders and city representatives in their endeavour to integrate the local parking management plan into the SUMP. The free e-course will help to cover the Park4SUMP core topics of citizen engagement, enforcement, SUMP integration and the soft transformation of parking policies in urban cores.

The course focuses on the following topics and will help you to: 

• understand the effectiveness of parking management as a tool in SUMPs
• define key factors that can make parking management more acceptable to people.
• know and be able to respond to some of the key arguments against parking management.
• take the first steps to introduce parking management in a city or region