New ‘Park4SUMP Final Brochure’ summarises the achievement of the project

Final Brochure

Park4SUMP, as the only EU-funded project on parking, concluded its work in recent months. The CIVITAS project, which ran from September 2018 until September 2022, summarised the results of the 16 consortium cities and project from across Europe in a Final Brochure, which was drafted by POLIS Network, Mobiel21, UIRS and Napier.

The 22-page long document gives an overview of the project objectives and provides key messages on parking management for cities that are just starting the management process, as well as for advanced cities. Furthermore, the local and horizontal achievements of Park4SUMP are highlighted. This includes an overview of the organized trainings, expert exchanges and sharing of best practices.

Due to its short format, the brochure is cross-referencing and presenting the main brochures about enforcement, parking standards, good reasons and principles for parking management and several other documents that were produced throughout the lifetime of Park4SUMP.

Last, but not least, a glimpse into the future is provided by focusing on the ParkPad process. This auditing tool will outlive the project and guarantees that European cities can benefit from the knowledge of the Park4SUMP project through an auditing process. The latter enables cities to pay a fee for a two-day visit of an auditor, who organizes roundtables and exchanges between stakeholders about parking policy and management, while providing feedback concerning the city’s parking management plans.