Park4SUMP meeting in Rotterdam 11-14 March

Photo consortium Umea

All 22 Park4SUMP partners will be meeting in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands from Monday 11 till Thursday 14 March. The Dutch metropole, is a leading city in the Park4SUMP consortium both on the technological parking innovations topic as well as on the general parking management theme. The host city will be proudly showcasing their parking practices and policies during a site visit.

But also intensive training sessions are on the menu and will be hosted during this four-day meeting:

  • Dr. G. Mingardo of the Rotterdam Erasmus University will be shining a light on managing space, time and price factors in urban parking management.
  • Also the Dutch CROW/Kpvv knowledge institute will be providing a session on parking and behaviour.
  • On top of all that, special attention will be dedicated to the topic of bicycle parking management. This latter as a part of the accompanying measures-cluster integrated in the Park4SUMP project plan. The City of Rotterdam has built a broad experience and this will be highlighted during the meeting and site visit.

All this combined results in a well-filled and challenging schedule, were all partners are very much looking forward to. 

> Technological Innovations
> General Parking Management
> Accompanying measures