Parking management with advantages for all

A guideline provides arguments for municipalities on how to deal with some challenging topics of parking management in Germany.

Parking is one of the most controversial transport policy issues in many German cities. Rising numbers of cars mean that public space is becoming scarce. Commercial and delivery traffic is boosting the problem. The climate protection targets, specifications for air pollution control and the improvement of urban life quality create a need for action. A new approach for the transport policy is therefore necessary. Reduction and management of parking space are central instruments in this context.

A new guideline takes up opponent arguments to parking management and provides arguments for municipalities on how to deal with the topic in a communicative and practical administrative manner. The German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) developed the guideline together with the agency tippingpoints on behalf of Agora Verkehrswende. Legal advice is provided by the solicitor's office Becker Büttner Held. In addition, a variety of experiences from local politics and administration are included.

The guide can be downloaded or ordered online free of charge (in German):