Applications for several EPA awards reopened

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The European Parking Association is changing its award structure for next year, due to the pandemic-related cancellation of the 20th EPA Congress and Exhibition.

Thus, you have the option to submit outstanding actions for the categories 1-3 (new parking structures, renovated parking structures, and on-street parking projects) by 17 January 2022. Concerning the categories 4-5 (‘innovative schemes’ and ‘marketing and communication’), no new applications will be allowed. Already submitted applications will be applicable for the award year of 2021.

Any new submissions will be accounted for the upcoming year of 2022. Thus, the 20th EPA Congress and Exhibition, which will take place on 12-14 September 2022 in Brussels, will feature two award winners – last year’s submissions and new submissions for 2022.

If you want to read the full amendments to the rules & regulations for the EPA Awards 2021/22, please click on this link.