Brussels to build 750 car-parking designated as Park & Rides - P+R

Park & Rides in Brussels

A 750-car park space designated as Park & Ride should be built by 2022 in Uccle, one of Brussels’ 19 municipalities. The total cost will be of about 12 million EUR.

The regional government has unblocked the budget in December 2019. The idea behind it is to convince people who drive cars to get into the city by other means of transportation, “this is why we are investing in public transport, and in a Park and Ride policy", explains the Minister of Mobility Elke Van den Brandt (Green party). The Minister underlines that the project takes into account also a future possible reconversion of the car park into housing or into other functions.

Other Parks and Rides known in Franch as “parking de dissuasion” already exist in Brussels but the Brussels Region is considering also to expand some of them to increase the capacity.

More info here (in French).