Convert unused parking spots into green spaces

Parklet in Copenhagen (source: Bruzz, 2020)
The "Fietsvlonder" in The Hague (source: DPI, 2020)

The city of Brussels is adapting a new concept to support sustainable urban mobility strategies. The city invests 140,000 euros to convert unused parking spaces into green spaces or other functions.

The “Parklet” concept is better known in the United States, but quite new for a European city like Brussels. The first kind of its sort is said to have surfaced in San Francisco. The past year, spontaneous 'citizen gardens' emerged in the capital of Europe. Residents created meeting places for themselves at the expense of existing parking spaces or simply used the space in front of their own garage.

Brussels will develop different types of parklets at four locations. The parklets will always take up unused parking spaces and switch them to a space where people can socialize, kids can play, or someone is able to work artistically or can enjoy some extra green space.

This new concept will made the city more attractive and intends to pave the way for more public spaces of its kind. Besides socially and environmentally driven reasons, (former) car parking spots can always be turned into amenities for active modes, like the (temporary) bike parking facilities “Fietsvlonders” in Arnhem, The Hague and Leiden.