Park and ride facilities in Brussels

P+R kraainem

Brussels is upping its efforts to install several new and upgraded Park and Ride facilities. Developing a regional parking policy is part of Brussel’s new regional SUMP called Good Move.

This plan, to be rolled out in the coming years, has clear ambitions:

  • introducing traffic calming measures by recategorizing roads
  • introducing a generalized 30km/h zone
  • eliminating 60.000 onstreet parking spaces to make space for active transport modes and public transport

Brussels is one of Europe’s most congested cities. Good Move not only plans to help the large number of commuters stuck in heavy congestion, but also the city residents faced with deteriorating quality of life. The region has the ambition to facilitate easy access to public transport on several key access points in the city. And to dissuade car commuters to drive all the way downtown encouraging them to  switch to public transport.

Therefore Brussels is planning to install several Park and Ride facilities at the borders of the city. Already one Park and Ride Ceria-Coovi facility in the west of the city has opened last year. This facility has a capacity of 1350 cars and hosts a secure bicycle parking for 300 bikes. The metro stop just below takes you into the city centre in 20 minutes. 

At the beginning of 2020 the city announced that two other Park and Ride facilities will start construction. Both are already existing parking lots close to public transport, but they will receive an upgrade to transform them into mobility hubs. One is located in Stalle in Uccle, in the south-west of the city and already provides a smooth connection to a tramway taking you directly to the city centre. The facility will be upgraded to have a 700 car capacity. It will also host a secured bicycle parking on site.

The second new Park and Ride including a secured bicycle parking and space for 750 cars is located in the Eastern outskirts of the city in Kraainem where a direct metro-line takes you into the city centre in 15 minutes. Also several bus lines have their terminus there.

A third Park and Ride facility located in the northern outskirts is currently in planning phase. This facility will become the biggest Brussels Park and Ride , with a 1800 car capacity and a secured bicycle parking for 150 bikes. The already existing tramway at this location will enable commuters to access the city centre in 20 minutes.

Read more on the park and ride strategy of the Brussels capital region here (in Dutch and French)