ParkPAD survey launched to support your city!

Auditing Picture

Brochures, webinars, online information, a final event and much more – Park4SUMP is sharing a lot of knowledge throughout the duration of its project lifetime. Once Park4SUMP is concluded in summer 2022, no funding will be available to support European cities on their endeavour to promote sustainable parking and SUMP integration. Luckily, Park4SUMP has a solution for it: the ParkPAD tool. It will help cities to review parking policies and develop an action plan that fits the respective SUMP. Currently, the audit is executed in the framework of the Park4SUMP project.

In order to preserve the opportunity for cities to receive an audit, Park4SUMP invites you to fill in a survey about your audit preferences. Share your opinion with us by clicking this link.

Your financial and administrative preferences will help us to create a business case, which will provide a framework that allows us to continue our supportive work, as our auditors want to help additional cities to set up a PARKPAD Action Plan.