Second Polish City receives the ParkPAD Certificate

The team around Tomasz Zwolinski

The team around Tomasz Zwolinski from the Municipal Services Department proudly present their ParkPAD Certificate. They carried out two sessions of the ParkPAD process and completed this audit with the development of the Parking Action Plan. The results of this plan should be integrated into the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan SUMP of the city which is currently in the development phase. Krakow has a very advanced parking policy including all major aspects beginning with a smart model of controlled parking zones including plans of extension, to the classical push&pull approach of using of revenues from paid parking to the building and promotion of park&ride opportunities etc. A quick overview is given in the Park4SUMP video clip on the Parking Policy of the City.

Polish Cities which are interested in the ParkPAD approach are welcome to contact the Polish ParkPAD auditor Maciej Michnej, SMG Ekspert who was involved in the audits of both Polish cities – Krakow and Gdansk - that carried out the ParkPAD in this country so far.

ParkPAD and the experiences in Krakow and Gdansk will be part of the Park4SUMP National Training on Parking Management which is planned for October in Warsaw.